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Glenmorangie 10 years

A scent of citrus, peaches and vanilla. Vanilla is detected on the tongue bringing a burst of flowery fruitiness as you finish with hints of orange and peach

Lasanta 12 years

Warm spices mix with chocolate covered raisins, honeycomb and caramel toffee. As you taste sweet sherry flavored sultanas, orange segments, walnuts and butterscotch. The long satisfying finish of spiced orange and chocolate
covered hazelnuts.

Quinta Ruban 12 years

The nose is full of winter berries and a touch of port. A good oak and a little cereal hanging in the substratum. The palate is sweet and thick. The port note is chewy and rich with notes of barley sugar and cereal and lots of juicy fruit and berries, a tad cloying. The finish is long and fruity and quite sweet.

Nectar D’or 12 years

The nose is full of dessert wines, a little fruitiness with a good barley sweetness. The palate is quite full with more dessert wine notes, but with cereal notes and barley, a touch of malty spice and berry fruits with good oaky tannins and little herbal notes. The finish is long with a good oaked note and more noble rot.

Screenshot 2015-12-30 12.24.55Larceny Bourbon

Larceny is a smooth, small batch, sipping bourbon that uses wheat as the secondary grain rather than the more conventional choice of rye.

Bulleit Bourbon

Orange notes, followed by some warming winter spices and a hint of tobacco leaf.

Knob Creek 100 proof

There are notes of candy floss and nut oil, a touch of spice and dark chocolate, a little spice and charred oak.

Woodford Reserve

There are notes of honey and spice, leather, a touch of cocoa, a little smoke, toasty oak and vanilla cream with a hint of butterscotch.

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Macallan 18 years

Soft, plump raisins, ginger snaps dusted with cinnamon and vanilla creaminess. Oak in the background. Stewed apples, again dusted with cinnamon. The oak from the nose develops. Clove and hints of orange peel.
Lasting notes of toffee, raisin and that final hint of oak.

Balvenie 17 years

Warm Acacia honey and green apples on the nose leading to warm winter spices, vanilla and honeysuckle on the palate. The finish is gloriously long with notes of vanilla and honey.

Glenmorangie 18 years

There are notes of chewy sultanas and sherried peels, barley sugars and toasty cereals with petals and apple blossom. A touch of fudge and gentle wisps of smoke. The palate is full and rich with notes of chewy, tannic oak. Manuka honey and walnut with Cox’s apples and orange peels. Cut herbs; fennel and spearmint. The finish is long and dry with a spicy oak note.

Glenlivet 18 years

Creamy honey and Greek yogurt, grapefruit, exotic spice, berry compote. Tinned citrus, lychee, very creamy, honey. Very good, big oak, citrus peels.